Tuesday, 25 March 2008

I need some ReST

Despite working hard on two newly released services (BlogIt and Voice SMS) for Esendex there is no time to stop and catch my breath; I've begun working on a completely new ReST API.

With ReST (Representational State Transfer), the idea is that the services are comprised of resources (an item of interest). Calls to ReST services return a representation of a resource placing the client application in a state. Typically a resource provides access to other resources via links. The client uses these links when working with resources, placing the client application in another state, hence the name Representational State Transfer.

ReST is an architectural style, rather than a standard (although it works with recognised standards such as HTTP), there is alot more work with regards to the implementational style rather than just following a set of standards.

I'm quite liking this ReST style:

  • It's simple, lightweight and lacks unneccessary bloat
  • It's built on simple and established standards, following the architecture of the web; no special toolkits are required

I'll keep the blog updated with how it's going in the coming weeks. In the mean time, here are a couple of links you may find useful:

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