Friday, 15 June 2007

New Web Browser War Looming?

Being a .Net developer I use Microsoft IE 7 to develop my web applications. However, Mozilla Firefox is my preferred choice to browse the web. I was interested to see that Apple released Safari for the Windows OS and even more interestingly, it was reportedly downloaded more than a million times in the first 48 hours of its release! Which I think you'll agree, is not bad by any one's standards? It claims to be the fastest and best browser available, and having had a little go I have to say I'm impressed. The specs and download can be found at the Apple Safari site, and there is also a decent Safari Developer area. Remember it is only a Beta release but if the SnapBack and Resizable Text Fields features (not forgetting the performance too) are anything to go by, then there looks like a new strong contender to the heavyweight PC web browser category. ...I wonder what Bill G has to say about that?

More Info

W3Schools has a decent browser stats page that may interest you.