Friday, 11 May 2007

Get going with AJAX in .Net

I started to look into AJAX in 2006 and then didn't get a chance play with the AJAX technologies properly until today. I noticed that there had been some updates to the original AJAX toolkit so I decided to remove everything AJAX and start again from scratch - here's some easy steps to get you going. (Downloads can be found @ AJAX site) Step 1) Install AJAX Extensions 1.0 This download installs the framework for developing and running AJAX-style applications with either server-centric or client-centric development models and is fully supported by Microsoft. Step 2) Install ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit The ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit is a shared-source community project consisting of samples and components that make it easier than ever to work with AJAX-enabled controls and extenders. The source download includes a great sample site. So download the source zip file and extract the contents to somewhere logical, I placed mine with the extensions files from step 1 (Microsoft ASP.NET\ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions\AJAXControlToolKit). If you open the solution and view the sample web site it contains a wealth of info on the controls available with great examples. Step 3) Setup Visual Studio for easy access The best way to start playing is to open visual studio, add a new AJAX enabled web application. Because the control toolkit isn't installed with an msi (installer) but is just an assembly, the tools won't appear automatically on your toolbox like the fundamental AJAX items. So right click and add tab for the AJAX controls, call it something like AJAX Controls Toolkit. Add the controls to the tab by right clicking the tab, click choose items, then browse to the AJAX Controls Toolkit Assembly. Step 4) Go wild!!! You can now go wild adding the AJAX controls and extenders. Go to the Ajax site for some get getting started guides.

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